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Japan: Tokyo Sushi

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Restaurant near Tokyo Station, December 8, 2012

First time I am going to post an all food post ;) But here is an amazing dinner we were taken out to, I will get the name from someone in a bit. Some of the food is Salmon eggs, lotus leaves, very traditional Sashimi, served on ice, onions, grilled tofu, fried fish and cooked oysters. Sorry if that is out of order! Something I learned is that Wasabi is a root and you grind it on a very tiny grinder to make ‘real’ wasabi, and it is not as strong that way. Much of the food was fun to eat such as the oysters, where you put sauce on them and ate the oyster and sauce at once. Most of all it was all beautifully prepared, and because the restaurant was set up in individual rooms (very typical of a Japanese restaurant) the lighting was amazing!