UX Designer

Information Design

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Exhibition Calander

This piece incorporates both images and information of all the exhibition held in the Esther Massry Gallery for the school year of 2011– 2012 at The College of Saint Rose. There is unity through use of color, and the hierarchy of images leads the viewers eye throughout the piece.

Integrated Branding System

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Logo, Poster, and Brochure

"Social Justice" is an awareness of the inequalities in the world, and this is a week to educated people about these issues. This is communicated through the illustrated dove, a universal symbol for peace. The campaign is held together by a consistent color pallet that is bold yet peaceful.

Promotional Design

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Music Promotion

Using inspiration from the jazz signer Camilla Meza, and her home country of Chile, perfume packaging made with hand painted flowers describes the artist. The colors pallet, technique and typography were all inspired by the singer who is both beautiful and modern.