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Harry Potter Train

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This is THE Harry Potter train, that they use in the films in Scotland. This wasn’t the train I took to Fort William, but it was the same line. You can book seats on this steam engine train, but we just watched it go pasted at a station. Still pretty awesome. 

Govan: The Pearce Institute

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Govan, Glasgow, April 2013

Govan is a more residential area of Glasgow. I went because I was going a project in the area, specifically within the Pearce Institute. Has some really great history and views over the river. The buildings hold a lot of history and it has such a different feel to the rest of Glasgow that it was really great to explore. 


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I’ve been spending some time in Govan over the past few weeks. Its been great to see some of the real life places and people within Glasgow. Will be posting pics a bit later. 

Colonsay: Beach

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Kiloran Bay, Isle of Colonsay, March 10th, 2013

The most beautiful part of Colonsay might be this beach. It starts with like farmland and ends with a beach. It was incredible to be here and I never thought Scotland would look like this. 


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The Pier at Colonsay, March 8th, 2013

Colonsay only has one pier, with a few boats and beautiful views. 

Get Island Excited :)

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Going to the Island of Colonsay in the Southern Herbrides of Scotland for some field research. Will be taking tons on picture and will be blogging about them in a week :) Can’t wait to see what this island has in store for me, I do know it will be BEAUTIFUl. 

Japan: Fushimi Inari

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Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan, December 10, 2012

This is one of those places where you think of Japan, and you think of this site. It’s even more incredible when you walk through the gates. You can really tell that the Japanese worship nature because the entire site is intertwined with the natural surrounding. For this one I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

Japan: Kyoto at Night

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Kyoto at Night, and the Geisha District, December 9, 2012

Walked around Kyoto at night, it was very beautiful and but also cold! Walking through the Geisha District was very traditional Japanese style buildings, we even saw a real Geisha, which is apparently really rare! She walked so quickly past, but she had the full makeup on and walked in those tiny quiet steps. We also found a temple to go into at night and it was absolutely beautiful! 

Japan: Kyoto Street Market

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Street Market, Kyoto Japan, December 9, 2012

We took a night bus to Kyoto and it was most definitely worth it! Kyoto was more of what I was expecting Japan to look like more so than Chiba or Tokyo. It was a little bit of old and a little bit of new, you could walk down the street and see fancy shops, or temples. Very cool. One of my favorite places was this street market where I got tons of gifts. You could find so many cool unique Japanese products there. I got my Dad a really nice cooking knife and I bought myself some cool clothes! 

Japan: Tokyo Sushi

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Restaurant near Tokyo Station, December 8, 2012

First time I am going to post an all food post ;) But here is an amazing dinner we were taken out to, I will get the name from someone in a bit. Some of the food is Salmon eggs, lotus leaves, very traditional Sashimi, served on ice, onions, grilled tofu, fried fish and cooked oysters. Sorry if that is out of order! Something I learned is that Wasabi is a root and you grind it on a very tiny grinder to make ‘real’ wasabi, and it is not as strong that way. Much of the food was fun to eat such as the oysters, where you put sauce on them and ate the oyster and sauce at once. Most of all it was all beautifully prepared, and because the restaurant was set up in individual rooms (very typical of a Japanese restaurant) the lighting was amazing!