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Service Design: The Lazy Washer

Added on by Erin Reeg.

The Lazy Washer: 

Brief: To create a business based on a laundromat and redesign the service using the methods learned in class. 

Research: The methods used were desk research, first hand experience, observation and primary interviews. 

Objective: To design a service based on research about doing your own laundry in your home or through a laundromat. The service would be to provide  for people who are too busy to do their wash, go to the laundromat, or are just bad at doing wash. The service will work by being able to either drop off your laundry or get your laundry picked up by ‘The Lazy Washer.’ 

The Service: Will either pick up and deliver your wash for a reasonable price in a quick amount of time, or you can bring your laundry into ‘The Lazy Washer’ and pick it up in a short period of time. The demographic is postgrad students and people in the early days of their job where they need the extra time by not doing their laundry. I plan on creating a ‘time-saving experience’ where people who really need some time in their day can get it. It also eliminates the awkward feeling of being in a laundromat, or having to drag your laundry to the laundromat.

This is a  blueprint for the proposed 'Lazy Washer' service.