UX Designer

Fujitsu Cloud Project

January 9, 2013

The Brief: 

“How Can The Challenge Posed By Distance, Geographical Separation And Needs, Demands Or Aspirations Of Female Stakeholders Be Tackled By Digital Technology”


We took our rich and many findings and clustered them to identify key insights about the health and well-being of women in Moray. We also tried to identify the larger environmental, sociocultural and technological drivers and they impact they have on people’s lives...

  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Close communities
  • A great place to raise kids
  • High rates of teen pregnancy
  • Poor sex education
  • Bad access to sexual health services
  • Lots of teen drinking and drugs
  • Bullying and racism
  • Teen violence
  • Prevalence of domestic abuse
  • Limited job opportunities
  • Old fashion attitudes towards women
  • Dispersed families
  • Poor communication between generations
  • An aging population
  • Bad transport links
  • Good opportunities within foundation
  • Stigma around the foundation
  • Pioneering health innovation
  • Limited access to specialist health care
  • Loneliness

Analysis:  We translated our findings into personas to better illustrate what impact the key drivers have on peoples lives. We then projected these personas 10 years into the future to think about how Moray might change and what new challenges these people might face as time goes on.

Each persona thus created an “Opportunity Area” for design intervention, and different ways of looking at how the cloud might manifest itself in that context. We then focused on two of these personas, the rig workers wife and the far away parent. We took a closer look at their lives because they encompassed much of what was happening in the lives of the women in moray. 

Far Away Parents: The cloud could: Monitor people’s health and provide a way for families to connect and support each other around health issues, support people to live independently by connecting them to health care as and when they need it, collect and compute information to be used for medical purposes as well as to notify family members about how they can help and support their loved ones in health and staying well. 

Rig Workers Lives:  The cloud could: become a platform for communication between children and their parents. The cloud could provide a platform that evolves over time with the changing abilities and relationships between family members. The cloud could become a way to have intimate contact with the ones you love across vast distance. The cloud could become a place for people to feel at home when they are far from home.


 Future Direction: 

How might the cloud provide an evolving platform to support family connections over long distance throughout the challenges of their lifetime - Engage dads to participate in family life over distance and reduce the emotional burden on mum left at home. Supporting elderly relatives to live independently and diffusing the stress and anxiety felt by their care givers. 

Final Concepts: 

During the creating stage, our process lead us into making more in depth sketches about a few final concepts. These sketches helped us to figure out how the cloud could be used, the impact on family, and how each object would function. We started to look at each idea in more detail, how it connects to the cloud, and what was the goal of the product.