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UX Design: Plastic-Crafts

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Currently working with the local business Plastic-Craft as the Lead User Experience Designer to redesign their website. Starting with the information architecture I've created a streamlined navigation. This drives business by being more seamless and focused with service offerings.

The homepage has more marketing language and provides and overview of services offered and less focus on specific products. Primarily, the emphasis is placed on customer service and drives users to contact the company through the Request a Quote and customer service number provided.

Other pages include a Customs Solution blog page, and an Industries overview page that links to individual Industries pages.  

Working with the development team at Plastic-Crafts I have been able to implement changes to the front end design.

This includes creating the ux and visual design for the Capabilities overview page, and details page, both of which are currently live.

The main deliverables on this project have been:

  • Wireframes
  • Style Guides
  • Visual Design
  • Photography 
  • Project Management

Currently, the Homepage, Industries, Custom Solutions are in development and will be live soon. 




The homepage has been redesigned to create a better visual hierarchy with a stronger value proposition. The main CTA's on the page lead to specific services, and the secondary action lead the user to speak or write to someone at Plastic-Craft's as soon as possible.

Here is a demo of the live completed site.