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UX Design: Verizon Cloud Website

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Cloud homepage redesign

The Cloud homepage strategy was to make it a ‘destination’ experience. The goals were to encourage people to stay on the site longer, browse through photos and videos, share content, and use the FujiFilm print promo.

  • This highlighted the photos in a hero image format that rotates through images monthly
  • Below are sections that highlight the major features of the Cloud including printing photos, music, and contacts
  • The FujiFilm section to encourages the user to purchase prints
This design is currently live on the Cloud website.

Sub-navigation redesign

Within the Cloud sub-pages, the Photos & Videos were combined. Adding subcategories, such as photos, videos, albums, and favorites,  to the Photos & Videos page creates a more a more robust system to filter the users' images. Making this page easier to navigate, browse, and encourages users to stay on the page longer

The next change was to make the alignment of the photos and videos from square to landscape and portrait. This creates a more realistic experience and the user can experience another layer of detail to their photos while browsing. Another design change was to surface Favorites and Sharing beneath each photo encourage interactions for each photo or video. 

Photo details design

The photo details view was also redesigned. Making the chosen photo much more prominent and the focus of the page.

Above the photo sits an information bar that allows all the features like sharing, downloading and getting prints.We also show the upcoming photos in the bottom carousel to encourage the user to tab through the photos section. 


Before designs on the Cloud site

In order, here are the original homepage, photo's page and photo details page.