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UX Design: Verizon Cloud Website

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Cloud homepage redesign

The Cloud homepage strategy was to make it a ‘destination’ experience. The goals were to encourage people to stay on the site longer, browse through photos and videos, share content, and use the FujiFilm print promo.

  • This highlighted the photos in a hero image format that rotates through images monthly
  • Below are sections that highlight the major features of the Cloud including printing photos, music, and contacts
  • The FujiFilm section to encourages the user to purchase prints
This design is currently live on the Cloud website.

Sub-navigation redesign

Within the Cloud sub-pages, the Photos & Videos were combined. Adding subcategories, such as photos, videos, albums, and favorites,  to the Photos & Videos page creates a more a more robust system to filter the users' images. Making this page easier to navigate, browse, and encourages users to stay on the page longer

The next change was to make the alignment of the photos and videos from square to landscape and portrait. This creates a more realistic experience and the user can experience another layer of detail to their photos while browsing. Another design change was to surface Favorites and Sharing beneath each photo encourage interactions for each photo or video. 

Photo details design

The photo details view was also redesigned. Making the chosen photo much more prominent and the focus of the page.

Above the photo sits an information bar that allows all the features like sharing, downloading and getting prints.We also show the upcoming photos in the bottom carousel to encourage the user to tab through the photos section. 


Before designs on the Cloud site

In order, here are the original homepage, photo's page and photo details page.

UX Design: PlasticCuttingBoards.Com

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Working with Plastic-Craft products to streamline and design the PlasticCuttingBoards.com site to be similar so it feels connected under one company, yet different. This site is selling custom sized cutting boards, with a cut-to-size functionality. This is a demo of the customization tool that I design both the UX and UI for and is currently live.

The cut-to-size tool was created accordion style focus on selecting one set of parameters at a time. This makes the process of creating a board feel simpiler because the user is now overwhelmed with choices. Here, the user to go through a simple step-by-step process to create a customized cutting board.

UX Design: Plastic-Crafts

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Currently working with the local business Plastic-Craft as the Lead User Experience Designer to redesign their website. Starting with the information architecture I've created a streamlined navigation. This drives business by being more seamless and focused with service offerings.

The homepage has more marketing language and provides and overview of services offered and less focus on specific products. Primarily, the emphasis is placed on customer service and drives users to contact the company through the Request a Quote and customer service number provided.

Other pages include a Customs Solution blog page, and an Industries overview page that links to individual Industries pages.  

Working with the development team at Plastic-Crafts I have been able to implement changes to the front end design.

This includes creating the ux and visual design for the Capabilities overview page, and details page, both of which are currently live.

The main deliverables on this project have been:

  • Wireframes
  • Style Guides
  • Visual Design
  • Photography 
  • Project Management

Currently, the Homepage, Industries, Custom Solutions are in development and will be live soon. 




The homepage has been redesigned to create a better visual hierarchy with a stronger value proposition. The main CTA's on the page lead to specific services, and the secondary action lead the user to speak or write to someone at Plastic-Craft's as soon as possible.

Here is a demo of the live completed site. 

UX Design: Plenti Mobile

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Plenti Mobile dashboard shows how many points you've earned since your last visit. It also quickly shows the user details about their offers, and highlights the most important offers.

Updating the ux design of the Online Marketplace to make stores more easily searchable and highlight the featured stores.

UX Design: Plenti.com

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Plenti.com is a responsive website and an American Express product.

At EffectiveUI working as a UX designer, I worked closely with American Express to create wireframes, visual designs, and prototypes to bring Plenti to life. Primarily creating responsive, annotated wireframes and style-guides I maintained and updated all documentation for the developers. Working closely in agile with the internal content strategy and development teams at AMEX we were able to create and release this responsive site on time.  

Website design: Anubis Fitness

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Anubis Fitness

Working closely with the client, we created new logo and branding to focus more closely on the clientele of the fitness studio. 

Starting from the bottom up, I redesigned the branding, the information architecture, helped rewrite and guide on content creation for many of the aspects of the site. 

The website is live and is available at www.fitnesskickboxingny.com

Emails and Web Material: Pierre Fabre

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Working as a Web designer for a short time at Pierre Fabre, I worked on four separate brands. The brands were Avene, Klorane, Glytone, and Renne Furterer. I created email marketing for the four brands while working on internal initiatives such as personas. I understood the qualities of each brand and designed with the internal styleguides to create seamless marketing materials for each brand.

Research Project: Connected Thermostat

Added on by Erin Reeg.

Working from a design brief of how to use a smart thermostat in a new way, I researched, created and designed a medical thermostat. 

Opportunity Area: Hospitals
The method for recording medication temperatures is inefficient. The process is time consuming for the hospital staff, it may also lead to inaccuracy. Additionally, the method used by pharmacists must physically check the medicine prior to restocking is inefficient. While pill dispensing machines are available to monitor administration of medications, there is no system to track the storage of temperature sensitive medications. The opportunity is to create a device that can track and monitor medications that are temperature sensitive to relieve the nurse and pharmacist of time intensive duties. 

To view the whole report click here.